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PlayStation 5 Internet Reconnection Loop Partial Fix

Since the PS5 launch, many users (including myself) has experienced reconnection issues where a Lan ethernet cable connected PS5 would randomly start to disconnect and reconnect over and over for any amount of time from minutes to hours.
As many already know, it is very frustrating to be online only to get kicked off due to some internet connection issue.
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Small update:
Does anyone read a full paragraph anymore?
I have posted my findings about this issue on many websites but they all go on about how they deleted some games or rebuilt the database and so on.
The issue is the ethernet input port on the back of the PS5!
Every time I start getting a disconnect/connect loop issue I simply move (reposition) the ethernet cable until it stops showing that message.
Why can’t anyone recognize or understand this?
There is a small defect with the ethernet input port on the back of the PS5.
Just look at your TV/monitor and watch those disconnect messages go away while you move the ethernet cable and hold it in another position.

If I find a permanent fix for this problem then I’ll post an update here.
Till then, happy gaming everyone.

The Infamous Windows Slow Spinning Dots Startup Fixed.

I will be writing this tech post as a quick information reference to a problem I had about a month ago so that I won’t forget how it was fixed.
The problem being the Windows slow spinning dots startup problem I (and many others) have had for a very long time.
It is hard to believe that after so many years of research online, a clear solution was never found on Google, Microsoft support site or anywhere else.
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The Windows hard drive list order from 0 to 4 or 8 is different from the list order in the bios.

It appears that in Windows disk management hard drive list that order of the list doesn’t matter. It will run the OS from any viable hard drive in the list.

So the bios hard drive list is what makes things run more efficiently, smoother and quicker.
Make sure your primary OS (Windows) is the native sata connected disk 0 listed in the bios hard drive list.
That way it will first scan the hard drive with the OS to boot up that is naturally disk 0.

Fix Network Connection from Blocking your Websites

The purpose of this post will be mostly used for future reference.
I will write instructions in detail about an issue I have experienced for years.

Sometimes I get a very weird issue where I receive a timed out error when accessing my website(s).
It usually happens randomly when i believe my site is down but then i see I can access my website through my phone just fine but anything connected to my ethernet network connection will not connect to any of my websites.
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You will want to access your router panel by typing in your browser:
You can find your password on the side of your router.

Click on My Network.


Next Click on Network Connections.


Click on your (Broadband) Connection


Click settings found at the bottom.


Click Release and then Apply.
Now run quickly to your router and turn it off.
Do Not restart it. Turn it OFF. (I usually pull out the power plug on the back)
Wait 5 minutes and turn back on

This will force your router/connection network to issue you a new IP.

After 5 minutes, you should now have a new IP and can access your website(s).

Hope this has helped.

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