• Every Big Announcement From The Game Awards 2023

    The Game Awards 2023 was full of announcements big and small, so if you're having trouble keeping track of them all, we've gathered up all our stories here in one place. You can also check out the full list of award winners here. Let us know which announcement excited you most in the comments! Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons Unreal Engine 5 Remake Revealed Pony Island 2 Is The Next Game From The Creator Of Inscryption Dead Cells Developer Motion Twin's Next Game, Windblown, Revealed Metaphor: ReFantazio Gets Fall 2024 Release Window In New Trailer Harmonium The Musical Is A Sign Language Music Adventure Usual June Is The Latest From Finji Big Walk Exodus Is A New Game Starring Matthew McConaughey God of War Ragnarök Gets A Free Expansion Called Valhalla Next Week Get A Look At Senua's Saga: Hellblade II's Visceral Combat In New Gameplay Trailer Check Out Big Walk, The Next Game From The Devs Of Untitled Goose Game Ori Team Moon Studios Reveals Action RPG, No Rest For The Wicked Ikumi Nakamura Reveals Her Studio's First Title, Kemuri The Casting Of Frank Stone Is Supermassive's Single-Player Horror Game Set In The Dead By Daylight Universe Sega Is Remaking Some Of Its Best Games No Rest for the Wicked Team Ninja's Rise Of The Ronin Gets March Release Date In New Gameplay Trailer Dragon Ball Sparking! Zero Is The Next Budokai Tenkaichi Game After 15 Years, Visions Of Mana Revives The Series Hideo Kojima Is Making A New Game Called OD With Jordan Peele Black Myth: Wukong Gets August Release Date In New Gameplay Trailer Get Another Look At Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden In New Cinematic Trailer Jurassic Park: Survival Is A Stunning First-Person Adventure Set Right After The First Film Jurassic Park: Survival Here's The Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League Trailer From The Game Awards The First Berserker: Khazan Is A Single-Player Action RPG Set In The DNF Universe Don’t Nod Reveals Mysterious Adventure Game Lost Records: Bloom & Rage Hoyoverse's Zenless Zone Zero Gets 2024 Release Year In New Gameplay Trailer Marvel's Blade Is Coming From The Makers Of Deathloop And Dishonored Last Sentinel Is A New Triple-A Game From Former Rockstar Devs GTFO Makers Announces New Co-op Heist Title, Den Of Wolves Marvel's Blade Hello Games Celebrates 10 Years Of No Man's Sky With New Trailer Hello Games Announces Light No Fire, A Massive Multiplayer Exploration-Based Fantasy Game Multiplayer Tactical Shooter Exoborne Wants Players To Extract Loot While Fighting In Tornados The First Descendant Gets A Full Release Next Summer The Finals, Embark Studio's Free-To-Play Shooter, Is Out Right Now Monster Hunter: Wilds Revealed At The Game Awards Monster Hunter: Wilds Tales of Kenzera: Zau Is A Magical Metroidvania Inspired By Bantu Myth Final Fantasy XVI Is Getting Two DLCs And One Of Them Is Available Now Narrative Adventure Game As Dusk Falls Heads To PlayStation In March Battle Mechs In Battle Royale Or Alongside Friends In Mecha Break Alan Wake 2: 'The Final Draft' Update Includes New Game Plus And New Ending, Out Next Week The Outlast Trials Goes 1.0 And Comes To Consoles In March Baldur's Gate 3 Is Now Available On Xbox Series X/S

  • The Outlast Trials Goes 1.0 And Comes To Consoles In March

    During The Game Awards, we learned that The Outlast Trials is wrapping up its time in PC early access and is heading to consoles next March. The game was first announced in 2019 and entered Steam Early Access in May.  The game is a co-op take on the popular horror series, with up to four players controlling test subjects fighting to survive in a dangerous test facility. Check out its latest trailer below (headphone users beware: it's got a lot of shrieking streamers).  The 1.0 launch will include a new Toy Factory trial with new MK challenges. It will also feature new evidence documents, character customization, cell decorations, legendary outfits, an increased level cap, weekly programs, and other quality-of-life improvements.  The game will be sold alone in a $39.99 Standard Edition and a $49.99 Deluxe Edition that includes the Regent Start Pack, giving players four legendary skins, exclusive cell items, posters, and player icons.  The Outlast Trials launches on March 5 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. 

  • Alan Wake 2: 'The Final Draft' Update Includes New Game Plus And New Ending, Out Next Week

    Alan Wake 2 hit PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC on October 27, but shortly before its release, developer Remedy Entertainment revealed that it would be getting a New Game Plus mode with an alternative narrative and nightmare difficulty, amongst other things. During The Game Awards 2023 last night, Remedy, which picked up three wins during the show, revealed that "The Final Draft" update, which includes the aforementioned New Game Plus mode, goes live next week.  More specifically, The Final Draft hits Alan Wake 2 on Monday, December 11. It features a new ending to the story of Alan Wake that Remedy says will spark speculation and theory crafting among its most dedicated fans. Plus, there's new lore to find in the form of new videos and manuscript pages.  "Players will retain all Weapons, Charms, and character upgrades earned during their first playthrough," a blog post about The Final Draft reads. "They should come in handy when you seek the ultimate challenge of trying out the new Nightmare Difficulty level. Brace yourselves for intensified enemies, strategic gameplay, and an adrenaline-pumping experience that will push your skills to the limit."  You will find all of your unlocked weapons in the first available shoebox for the characters, so don't expect to immediately start the game with all of your weaponry.  Remedy says The Final Draft update also includes numerous bug fixes and slight performance optimizations that will be further detailed in the complete update notes, which go live alongside the update on Monday.  The Final Draft update for Alan Wake 2 goes live at 10 a.m. PT/1 p.m. ET on Monday, December 11, on all platforms where you can play the game. For more, read Game Informer's Alan Wake 2 review and then check out all of the wins Alan Wake 2 nabbed during The Game Awards 2023 last night. Read about Remedy's latest update on Control 2 and its Max Payne remakes after that.  Are you jumping into a New Game Plus playthrough of Alan Wake 2 next week? Let us know in the comments below!

  • Baldur's Gate 3 Is Now Available On Xbox Series X/S

    The Game Awards 2023 was a massive night for games, with more than 30 announcements, premieres, and more. It ended with developer Larian Studios taking home the Game of the Year award for its critically acclaimed RPG, Baldur's Gate 3. Shortly after the win, Larian revealed that the game was now available on Xbox Series X/S, meaning it's finally playable on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.   Baldur's Gate 3 director Swen Vincke tweeted, "I had one job and that was to announce this if we won an award – sorry all but happy it's out there," meaning this might have been meant to be an on-stage announcement. Nonetheless, everyone's happy Vincke and the team took the extra time to praise its team of developers and thank fans for the reception during the Game of the Year award acceptance speech instead.  Xbox players, it’s party time. Baldur’s Gate 3 is now available for Xbox Series X|S; start your adventure today! Get BG3 Here: https://t.co/cQgrmWoAQo pic.twitter.com/f08upIYL9z — Larian Studios (@larianstudios) December 8, 2023 For more about the game, read Game Informer's Baldur's Gate 3 review and then read about why one editor thinks if you love Baldur's Gate 3, you should finally play Dungeons & Dragons.  Are you going to play Baldur's Gate 3 on Xbox Series X/S? Let us know in the comments below!

  • Battle Mechs In Battle Royale Or Alongside Friends In Mecha Break

    Mecha Break is an new multiplayer co-op mech game by Seasun Games that premiered during The Game Awards tonight. Fans of games like Armored Core VI and Zone of the Enders may want to keep it on their radar.  The game puts you in the cockpit of a variety of mech suits, which you can customize the look and weapons of, to take on other players across a variety of modes. The biggest battlefield is a 48-player battle royale. If you’d rather play alongside friends, a co-op option allows three-to-six players to team up to complete specialized missions. Other destinations include a 3v3 arena mode and a 6v6 battlefield mode. See the game in action below. Mecha Break currently has no release window or announced platforms.

  • Narrative Adventure Game As Dusk Falls Heads To PlayStation In March

    As Dusk Falls, the narrative adventure game about two families linked together by a burglary gone wrong, hit Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC in July of last year. More than a year later, developer Interior/Night is bringing the game to PlayStation, but you'll have to wait just a bit longer to play it. That's because As Dusk Falls hits PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 on March 7, 2024. Interior/Night announced this news during The Game Awards 2023 tonight. It will also launch on the Epic Games Store and GOG on PC the same day. The studio released a new trailer to celebrate the announcement, and you can check it out for yourself below: This new PS5 version of As Dusk Falls includes new exclusive features like haptic feedback and touchpad controls. Plus, a new audio description accessibility feature will be available on all platforms in March. "In this uncompromising crime drama of betrayal, sacrifice, and resilience, players explore the entangled lives of two families across decades, starting in 1998 with a robbery gone wrong in small-town Arizona," a press release reads. "The story can be replayed to discover the vastly different outcomes depending on the decisions taken. As Dusk Falls has an innovative multiplayer mode supporting up to 8 players locally, online, or as a combination of both, using controllers or the companion app for Android or iOS."  As Dusk Falls won the Games For Impact award at last year's Game Awards. For more about the game, read Game Informer's As Dusk Falls review.  Are you going to check out As Dusk Falls on PlayStation next year? Let us know in the comments below!

  • Final Fantasy XVI Is Getting Two DLCs And One Of Them Is Available Now

    Despite claiming that it had no plans to release DLC for Final Fantasy XVI, Square Enix announced at The Game Awards that Final Fantasy XVI is getting not one but two pieces of DLC. They're called Echoes of the Fallen and Rising Tide, and the former is available to play right now. Echoes of the Fallen adds new story chapters that takes place before the finale of Final Fantasy XVI. Clive and the gang follow the origins of a mysterious crystal to a strange ruin filled with deadly defenses tied to Eikons and plenty of monsters. Rising Tide is set to launch in Spring 2024 and is a bit more mysterious, but we do see Clive taking on what may be the scariest enemy in all of Final Fantasy: Tonberry King. Oh, and Leviathan pops up too.  You can purchase each DLC separately or together for a discount in an expansion pass. You can read our review of Final Fantasy XVI here. 

  • Tales of Kenzera: Zau Is A Magical Metroidvania Inspired By Bantu Myth

    The Game Awards are packed with eager looks at highly anticipated games, but the ceremony is full of plenty of surprises too. One of them is a flashy Metroidvania called Tales of Kenzera: Zau, the debut game from Surgent Studios. Zau is a boy on a quest to bring his father back from the dead. Guided by Kalunga, the God of Death, he uses his ability as a warrior shaman to defeat the ancestral spirits that roam the land of Kenzera. His main tools are a pair of magical masks; with the Moon mask he can manipulate time and crystalize enemies, and the Sun mask allows him to launch fiery spears. Studio founder Abubakar Salim says that the two masks are reminiscent of the Devil May Cry series with the way they allow the player to flip between ranged and melee modes.   The world is inspired by Bantu lore and imagery, with bright colors and mythical beasts. Additionally, the game will be scored by Nainita Desai, a British composer who made the music for Half Mermaid's Telling Lies and Immortality. Salim founded Surgent in 2019, but most gamers would currently recognize him as the voice of Bayek from Assassin's Creed Origins. According to him, the passing of his father motivated him to create a new project – he wanted to tell a story of grief in the form of a video game. With assistance from the Ridley Scott Creative Group and Critical Role, five years later, Tales of Kenzera: Zau tells that story. The trailer ended with the news that Tales of Kenzera: Zau will be coming to PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, and PC on April 23, 2024.

  • Monster Hunter: Wilds Revealed At The Game Awards

    Tonight during The Game Awards, Capcom revealed Monster Hunter: Wilds – the next tentpole title in the Monster Hunter series. The game is expected to be released on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC sometime in 2025.  The trailer shows off a slew of gameplay, including traversal and combat, as well as plenty of looks at its vast, vast world. Check it out below: Wilds is the follow-up to 2018's Monster Hunter: World, Capcom's best-selling game. 

  • The Finals, Embark Studio's Free-To-Play Shooter, Is Out Right Now

    The Finals, the free-to-play, team-based shooter from Embark Studios, is out right now. The team surprise launched it during The Game Awards 2023, and you can download and hop into the first-person shooter action right now on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC via Steam.  With tonight's surprise launch, Season 1 of The Finals has begun, sending players into the glitz, glam, and neon lights of Las Vegas. This new arena is filled with slot machines, boxers, UFOs, and more, according to a press release.  Check out The Finals surprise launch trailer for yourself below:  "We started Embark to re-imagine how games are made and what they can become," creative director Gustav Tilleby writes in a press release. "The Finals is our first game to release, and a great embodiment of that vision. The Finals isn't another battle royale, military sim, or tactical FPS – there are plenty of those out there. It's an entirely new take on shooters." Tilleby adds that it's been amazing and humbling to see the community's response to The Finals. The team says now that the game is live, it is laser-focused on ensuring a great experience for the community while delivering surprises along the way.  The Finals is out right now on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC via Steam.  Are you hopping into The Finals tonight? Let us know in the comments below!

  • The First Descendant Gets A Full Release Next Summer

    The First Descendant is a free-to-play looter shooter from Nexon. There have been beta sessions before now, but the game is getting a full, proper launch next Summer. The exact date is up in the air still, but according to a blog post from the developers, it will be announced as soon as they can pin it down. Check out the latest trailer below. In The First Descendant, you play as, you guessed, Descendants – a group of unique characters that each have distinct abilities and movesets. Your goal is to defend the planet from invaders called Colossi using the game's third-person shooting and RPG mechanics. The new trailer gives us a cinematic look at one of those fights, this time showcasing an entirely new Descendant. There's no gameplay in this trailer, but the team assures fans that they're working to refine said gameplay, based on feedback from the nearly two million players who checked out their last open beta session. The main purpose of that beta was to test crossplay features, which makes sense, since the game is launching on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC. Check it out for free when it launches simultaneously on all of those platforms in Summer 2024.

  • Hello Games Announces Light No Fire, A Massive Multiplayer Exploration-Based Fantasy Game

    Following Hello Games' celebratory video commemorating 10 years since the initial No Man's Sky reveal trailer, Sean Murray had one more video for viewers of The Game Awards. The trailer showed off an all-new game called Light No Fire, which appears to be on a similar level of ambition as the universe-sprawling No Man's Sky. Rather than going full science fiction as it did with No Man's Sky, Hello Games opted to explore a fantasy setting this time around. With a massive, Earth-like planet to explore alongside huge groups of people, Light No Fire lets you scale mountains, scour the surface, swim beneath the waves, and even soar through the skies on the backs of dragons. The beautiful world appears to be yours for the taking, as you can harvest resources, fight off encroaching enemies, and even build settlements. Check out the Light No Fire reveal trailer for yourself below:  No release window was given for Light No Fire, but if what Hello Games showed off at The Game Awards is any indication, the wait for this one could prove excruciating. While No Man's Sky shows little signs of slowing down, I can't wait to see what else this talented team has up its sleeves.