• Nier: Automata Is Finally Getting An Upgrade Patch On Steam Four Years Later

    Towards the end of last month, Stream’s four-year-old version of Nier: Automata was getting a lot of flak. Players took to the comments to review-bomb the game after a more-optimized Xbox Game Pass PC version was announced. At the time, the Steam version of Nier: Automata was still missing a borderless video setting, FidelityFX options, HDR, and 4K textures. Well, I’m happy to announce that soon that will no longer be the case. Square Enix and Platinum Games have acknowledged fan complaints and are currently developing an upgrade patch to release at a later date.  An upgrade patch for the Steam version of #NieR:Automata is currently in development. We'll have more information to share with you at a later date. pic.twitter.com/gUPCLSwgyH — NieR Series (@NieRGame) April 13, 2021 The launch date for the patch (and the various optimizations it’ll likely come with) has not been released, so fans will have to wait for future details. However, it’s nice to see that the Steam community’s wants and needs have been heard (although, the fact that the game was review-bombed does make me pretty sad). After all, Nier Replicant’s launch is literally right around the corner and it’s only right for fans to be able to play the acclaimed sequel the way it was meant to be played.  While this news doesn’t necessarily come as a surprise to me, it still makes me excited for the future of Automata, my favorite game of all time. Now, more people will be able to dive into its bleak and philosophical world and hopefully fall in love with its narrative like I did. Joe Juba was more critical of  the game; he gave it a 7.75 and said, “Many parts of this action/RPG are thrilling and surprising, but it is a constant exercise in sacrifice.” I can definitely see why he’d feel that way; Automata isn’t a conventional JRPG, but I hope it reaches more people nonetheless. In the meantime, we’ve got you covered on Nier Replicant info as we get closer to the prequel’s release date. Funnily enough, Nier Creative Director Yoko Taro Can't Even Remember The Number Sequence In Nier Replicant Ver. 1.22474487139.

  • Yoko Taro Can't Even Remember The Number Sequence In Nier Replicant Ver. 1.22474487139

    Leave it to Yoko Taro to make us smile. In the latest issue of Game Informer, we chatted with the Nier mastermind, looking back at the original game and forward to the updated version, coming out in just a few weeks on April 23. We knew we couldn't end the interview without asking him a few questions about Nier Replicant's longwinded, mouthful of a title. Does it have a special meaning? Is he just trolling us? What is the real story behind the convoluted number sequence in Replicant ver. 1.22474487139? He answered in true Yoko Taro fashion, making us laugh.  “To be honest, I did not want to put numbers on it,” he said. “I wanted it to be Nier Replicant but Yosuke Saito, producer of the game, really wanted to express that this is an updated version. So I was thinking, ‘Okay, this is an updated version, but we also don’t want this to be referred to as a remaster. So it’s not a version two, neither is it a remake, but it’s not quite 1.55. Okay, let’s pare it down a little more, maybe, it’s 1.22.’ That was the thinking behind it. As far as whether or not I can memorize the number – no, I have not, and I’ve been calling it ‘the updated version’ all the time.” There you have it. This is why Yoko Taro is a treasure.  Curious for more of Taro's thoughts? You can read the entire Nier feature in our latest issue, where he details his apprehension about releasing a new version of the game after all this time and discusses his original idea for Nier that producer Yosuke Saito said wasn't "unusual enough." You can access the issue digitally here.  For more on Nier Replicant, you can check out our hands-on impressions from a veteran and newcomer here. You can also listen to us share our thoughts on a recent podcast. 

  • The Resident Evil Village Digital Issue Is Now Live

    If you subscribe to Game Informer's digital edition, you can now get all the latest details on the highly anticipated Resident Evil Village. Following today's cover reveal, our digital issue is now live to subscribers on web browsers, iPad/iPhone, and Android devices. Individual issues will be available for purchase later today. You can download the apps to view the issue by following this link. All of these digital options are included in a standard subscription. The issue launches later this week on our third-party subscription apps including Kindle and Nook. Not a digital subscriber yet? Convert your existing print subscription or start a new subscription here.

  • Capcom Adds Devil May Cry 5: Vergil DLC, Okami, And Dino Crisis Soundtracks To Steam And Spotify

    Playing a video game and falling in love with it is a phenomenal experience, and that same journey can be made even better with a powerful soundtrack to go with it. For those that are fans of Devil May Cry 5: Vergil DLC, Okami, and Dino Crisis, Capcom has just announced that it is releasing those video game soundtracks on Steam and Spotify for fans to further enjoy the gaming worlds they love so much.  Capcom took to its blog today to reveal the good news, adding even more gaming soundtracks to its list of over 50 available now. Whether you like the edgier sounds of Devil May Cry 5's Vergil DLC or want to take a calming journey back into the world of Okami, both are coming to Steam and Spotify. The first two Dino Crisis games are also getting their soundtracks added as well, which is great considering it feels like we're never going to get the remake fans have been hoping for.  There is a little bit of salt; we'll be ok.  Click image thumbnails to view larger version                                                                                                               For those interested, Capcom has provided links to each soundtrack added, which can be seen below:  Devil May Cry 5 Vergil’s Rebirth Sound Selection Okami Original Soundtrack Vol. 1 Okami Original Soundtrack Vol. 2 Okami Original Soundtrack Vol. 3 Okami Original Soundtrack Vol. 4 Okami Original Soundtrack Vol. 5 Dino Crisis Original Soundtrack Dino Crisis 2 Original Soundtrack The added OSTs come in FLAC, AAC, and MP3 file formats so that players can choose how they want to optimize their downloads. Capcom also added that lyrics for certain songs can be found in the metadata, making it easier to have your own impromptu karaoke Party For One.  Don't want to use Steam for some reason? That's totally fine! Capcom also added these soundtracks to Spotify to join the rest of the game music added there previously.  The Okami, Devil May Cry 5 Vergil's Rebirth, and Dino Crisis soundtracks are now available on Steam and Spotify. Happy listening! 

  • Ryu And Chun-Li From Street Fighter Join Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid

    When we reviewed Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid in 2019, we weren't exactly blown away. However, the title has continued growing with several new pieces of content in the two years since launch. While past DLC has introduced various characters from across the Power Rangers franchise's myriad eras, developer nWay today made its most eye-catching announcement yet: Ryu and Chun-Li from Capcom's Street Fighter series are joining the roster. Announced exclusively by IGN, Ryu and Chun-Li are set to join the roster of Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid on May 25. The pack, which will cost $12.50, includes both fighters and future exclusive skins. If you want just one of the characters, they can be purchased for $6 each (though it seems like you'll miss out on the exclusive skins if you go this route).  The inclusion of Ryu and Chun-Li in Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid came thanks to fan demand. While that may sound like a random request for the community to make, it's not that off the wall. In 2018, Ryu and Chun-Li were among six Street Fighter characters that joined Power Rangers: Legacy Wars, a free-to-play mobile title – Guile, Akuma, Cammy, and M. Bison (Dictator) were the other four. In Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid, Ryu transforms into the Crimson Hawk Ranger, while Chun-Li turns into the Blue Phoenix Ranger. Each character has their suite of trademark moves, including Hadouken, Shoryuken, and Spinning Bird Kick. You can see the trailer below: Click here to watch embedded media Crossing over is not some sort of new trick for the Street Fighter characters. In addition to their vast collection of appearances alongside some of the most beloved comic-book characters in the long-running Marvel vs. Capcom fighting series, Street Fighter characters have appeared in Super Smash Bros., Asura's Wrath, Fortnite, Street Fighter X Tekken, Project X Zone, and more.  Ryu and Chun-Li join Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid on May 25. Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, Stadia, and PC. It's also currently included with Xbox Game Pass subscriptions, so if you happen to be an active subscriber, you can try the game out at no additional charge before you take the plunge with these newly announced DLC characters. [Source: IGN]

  • Blizzard Arcade Collection Adds Two More Titles

    Today, the Blizzard Arcade Collection is getting two more additions free of charge alongside a patch that comes with some other nice features and updates. The Blizzard Arcade Collection gets Lost Vikings 2 and RPM Racing to go along with the other games in the package! The Blizzard Arcade Collection, a throwback anthology, is currently available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC. The Lost Vikings 2 is probably the biggest addition with today’s update, giving players another adventure to tackle with Erik, Baleog, and Olaf as they combine their abilities to solve puzzles and work their way through challenges. The Lost Vikings 2 built on the original structure and added two companions to the mix. That’s right, get ready to explore with Fang the werewolf and Scorch the dragon as you figure out each encounter using each Viking's abilities. RPM Racing is the precursor to Rock N Roll Racing, so if you’re already familiar with that game in the package, look for this to give you a bit of a history lesson as to where Rock N Roll Racing came from. It’s a bit rougher around the edges, but it comes with an assortment of vehicles to select, various upgrades to pick from, and rockin' car crashing and thrashing fun. While I don’t think that RPM Racing has aged particularly well, it’s a cool look back into Blizzard roots. On top of the two new games, the Museum now includes a fascinating Design Document gallery. If you’re into gaming history, development, or basically any part of games that aren’t just playing the finished product, looking over these is an interesting look into how the magic happens from the early ideas and concepts to the final pixels. While it’s not a game, this is probably the most interesting aspect of this update. If you had concerns about streaming Rock N Roll Racing, a Streamer mode has been added so you can still rock on without having to worry about the songs triggering potential action on your videos and streams. Streamer modes are a great addition to any title these days, so it’s cool to have this just in case you ever want to go back and take a look at this one live. What do you think about the new additions to The Blizzard Arcade Collection? Do you enjoy going back and playing old games today? Let us know in the comments!

  • Get Your First Look At Zombie Tigers In Zack Snyder's Army Of The Dead

    Click to watch embedded media Zack Snyder is having a huge year. Hot off the heels of his epic, four-hour-long Justice League cut, he's ready to introduce the world to zombie tigers in Army of the Dead, a new film that will be heading to select theaters and Netflix on May 21. A new trailer shows us this threat in action, and it's every bit as hilarious and cool as you would hope. Described as a "zombie heist film," Army of the Dead follows a group of humans who enter the ruins of Las Vegas to try to extract $200 in cash from a zone overrun by zombies. And these aren't the kind that slowly shuffles their feet and want to eat brains. While the latter may still be true, these undead are organized, weaponized, and seriously threatening humanity's hope of outliving the outbreak. The United States government is so worried about this new zombie type that it is going to nuke Las Vegas in 32 hours.  Army of the Dead follows Scott Ward (played by Dave Bautista),  a washed-up war hero who works at a restaurant and is recruited for the heist by a casino boss who knows of the stash. As you can see from the trailer, Ward has lost none of his skills and puts on a clinic against the aggressive zombie hordes. Before becoming one of the main creative voices behind DC Comics' feature films, Snyder made a name for himself with the awesome horror film Dawn of the Dead, which gave us a good look at what a zombie outbreak would be like in a shopping mall. Army of the Dead brings back fond memories of that movie, with dramatic aerial shots of zombies swarming buildings and a cast of characters that almost comes across as cartoonish yet somehow fits the dark tone. Army of the Dead is yet another huge film that will be debuting at home and in theaters at the same time. Yesterday, Netflix also announced a live-action Gundam film will be coming exclusively to its streaming service in the near future.

  • New Mass Effect Legendary Edition Comparison Video Dives Deep Into Remaster Changes

    BioWare just showed off a new comparison video for the Mass Effect Legendary Edition, diving deeper into the visual changes players can expect when diving back into the fight against the Reapers.  For those that enjoyed our exclusive coverage of Mass Effect Legendary Edition, including tons of interviews with the dev team, the truth about lost code, and so much more, this new video breaks down those various changes we covered beautifully. Plus, it's an excuse to see more Thane. Everyone needs to see more Thane:  Click here to watch embedded media One aspect of the video above shows off differences seen in Liara T'Soni. While they may seem different, they actually have a much bigger impact on the character than you might think. If you're interested in learning more, we have a full breakdown of the major ways her small improvements impact the game and her story arc, in particular.  While the biggest changes to the trilogy arguably impact the first game the most, that doesn't mean Mass Effect 2 and 3 were left out in the dust. "We also improved all cinematics across the trilogy," says BioWare community manager Jay Ingram in the latest PlayStation Blog post. "Whenever possible, we completely re-rendered the pre-rendered cutscenes in 4K. When it was not possible to re-capture, we utilized an AI upscale program on the original uncompressed videos. In both workflows, we tweaked the color correction, added or composited additional details and visual effects, and even smoothed out some edges frame-by-frame, so they didn’t feel dated when compared to actual gameplay. Cinematic designers fixed dozens, if not hundreds, of bugs that occurred in live-action cutscenes and conversations. Don’t worry, though; the “What’d you just say?” head-spinning meme still exists if you know how to look for it." To learn more about what's new, you can read the full blog post here. Though most of this we've covered previously, so if you're interested in a deep dive into the trilogy remaster, you can check out our Mass Effect Legendary Edition Exclusive Hub right here.  Thoughts on the above Mass Effect Legendary Edition video comparison shared by BioWare? What are you most excited about when the remaster drops next month on May 14? Sound off in the comment section below; Tali'Zorah would want you to. 

  • Naughty Dog Is Not Working On A New Jak And Daxter

    Sorry, Jak and Daxter fans, but it looks like Naughty Dog is not working on a new game, despite earlier rumors. The latest update comes directly from Naughty Dog president Evan Wells.  As reported by VideoGamesChronicle via the Academy of Interactive Arts & Science’s Game Maker’s Notebook series, Naughty Dog president Evan Wells mentioned that a new Jak and Daxter game is, in fact, not in the works. Sighs all around, right? Jak and Daxter hasn’t had a new entry in ages, but apparently, the dynamic duo is still resonating with fans. Wells commented that they have received plenty of tweets, comments, and requests to bring Jak and Daxter back into the spotlight with a new game, but that one isn’t one being worked on now at all. So if you were hoping to see Jak and Daxter back into the spotlight anytime soon, it’s unfortunately not looking good. That said, Wells commented that he wished that one was in development because there was still a lot of love for the characters. While collections from the series have made appearances, there hasn’t been a new entry in over a decade. While franchises can certainly come back after an extended time is gone, it’s not something that happens with any kind of regularity. Sometimes we get things like Perfect Dark coming back, though, so even though no Jak and Daxter is being worked on right now, never say never.  “It’s an attractive update of a trilogy that, in many ways, marked the end of the action/platform era. Nintendo carries on, but the genre is now a niche market. The Jak series (along with its spiritual sister series Ratchet & Clank) is also the last time that the platformer seemed to really be engaged in the larger conversation of game development,” said Matt Helgeson in Game Informer’s review of the Jak & Daxter collection. “These games were intended to be blockbusters, to compete with the Grand Theft Autos of the world. While there’s been a platformer in recent years, most of those games are looking back to the simpler 8- and 16-bit eras.” The Jak and Daxter Collection scored a big 9.25 back in 2012. Helgeson’s words were prescient to discuss the end of eras, as Jak & Daxter haven’t really made any noteworthy appearances since. Do you want a new Jak and Daxter game? Do you think the style could hold up today? Would you want it done differently? Let us know in the comments! [Source: VideoGamesChronicle]

  • Cover Reveal – Resident Evil Village

    Click here to watch embedded media Resident Evil is one of the longest-running horror franchises in the industry, but it hasn't survived this long without some change. With Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, Capcom brought the series into first person. For the follow-up, Capcom continues to explore first-person action, but the development team is also taking a few cues from the beloved Resident Evil 4 to create a more action-packed experience. Horror fans shouldn't worry, however, because Resident Evil Village remains faithful to its horror roots, and the new werewolf-inspired Lycans are ready to run Ethan ragged. For this month's cover story, we chatted with Capcom about those new enemies, Village's titular town, and how the team has improved combat. We also got an exclusive look at some of Ethan's gear and offer a full breakdown on how players can upgrade weapons or hunt for food to create permanent health upgrades. Stay tuned throughout the month for a handful of additional stories about Resident Evil Village, including an exclusive gameplay video breaking down its upgrade systems. Resident Evil Village isn't the only reason to read this issue. We spend eight pages looking at the best games currently available on Switch, then we round up some of the hot new TVs to use with a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X/S. For those who want some humor, our annual irreverent send-up of the industry returns in our parody magazine Game Infarcer. Brian Shea also got a new demo of Nintendo's upcoming New Pokémon Snap game and offered his impressions on this unique photographing simulation. Meanwhile, Liana Ruppert talked with the team at Obsidian Entertainment for a behind-the-scenes look at how the studio created The Outer World's latest batch of DLC, Murder on Eridanos. Finally, Kimberley Wallace takes a deep dive on Supergiant Games, the indie studio behind hits like Bastion and Hades. Supergiant offered so much great content that we actually couldn't fit it all inside this one issue, so we're blowing out our coverage on the website over the coming weeks, starting on Friday the 16 with the story behind Bastion. Print subscribers can expect their issues to begin arriving in the coming days/weeks. The digital edition of this issue launches later today for PC/Mac, iOS, and Google Play. You can also get the latest issue through third-party apps on Nook and Kindle. To subscribe to either the digital or print version, click here.

  • YouTubers Life 2 Revealed, Much More Than Just Another Simulator

    YouTubers Life first made its debut back in 2016 and was met with positive feedback for its in-depth simulation of what it is like to be a content creator. The title was well-received, and because of that, YouTubers Life 2 is on the way and aims to take the impressively detailed inside look at what it means to be a content creator to a whole new level. For those interested, we here at Game Informer have your first look ready to rock and roll.  Now, I know what you might be thinking. It's "fun" and "trendy" to dunk on YouTubers and content creators alike, but what I think many people don't realize is how demanding this can be. Editing, concept ideation, community management, self-PR, self-marketing, being ahead of the curve with trends, the almost-required need to be "plugged in" 24/7 to stay in the know is honestly exhausting a lot harder to manage than many might think. Pair that with those still finding their place in the community by doing all of that and holding down a more traditional 9-to-5 job, and you've got important skills being developed and a lot of hard work ahead.  YouTubers Life 2 aims to capture more than just the glamor of "making it;" it captures the reality of what goes into being a "successful" content creator. The fatigue felt in long hours, the elation at seeing that community grow, the sense of accomplishment at cashing in that first paycheck; it's all there!  Click here to watch embedded media If you're like me, this is a fun adventure to pass the time. The first game was engaging and easy to get lost in but playful with its art design to where it was a fun getaway. Create your own videos, gain your first subscribers, attend the wildest parties? Go big or go home.  “The original Youtubers Life has been such a big success and continues to be to this day, but the kinds of things content creators are both doing and achieving now is monumentally different to the world we first looked to simulate back in 2016,” project director and co-founder of Uplay Online Quim Garrigós tells Game Informer. “We wanted that original premise to grow with the content creators themselves, which is why we’ve been working on expanding our offering significantly with Youtubers Life 2. There’s nobody else operating in this space, nobody else simulating Youtubers either big or small, so we’re proud to stand as the go-to game for gamers looking to live out their content creating dreams.” So what can players look forward to with the YouTuber's Life sequel? Glad you asked:  More content options for YouTube videos, including reviews, gameplays, speedruns, unboxings, interviews, and more. Subscriber and video statistics that directly react to a broadening of a creator’s content. A new mechanic called “Trends,” which fluctuates daily and affects your popularity as a YouTuber. More personalization options for your character and a fully customizable and expandable home. Scores of new and expansive features to be announced in the coming months. Deeper relationships with NPCs, including additional questlines. “The original game enjoyed the exact same kind of virality the best content creators amass every day,” adds Sergio de Benito, Marketing Director at Raiser Games. “In all, Youtubers Life videos have passed the 350,000 mark, generating more than 500 million views for more than 50,000 content creators. We think UPLAY Online’s plans for Youtubers Life 2 will enable the franchise to cement its position as the ultimate content creator simulator. The more modernized YouTubers Life 2 will be launching on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC sometime this year. Thoughts on the YouTuber simulating game? Have you tried your hand at content creation? Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below! 

  • Ubisoft Dev Wants To See The Next Assassin's Creed Set In Brazil

    The Assassin's Creed franchise has taken us on some wild adventures through the years, including diving into the depths of ancient Egypt, but now one writer from the franchise has opened up about where he'd like to see the series go next.  Assassin's Creed Valhalla senior writer Alain Mercieca recently sat down with the good folks over at TheGamer to talk about his own hopes for the future of the franchise, including taking the story to a different location: Brazil. When asked where he'd like to see Assassin's Creed take players next, he answered, saying, “Personally there are many possibilities, too many to choose from if I’m being honest. As someone obsessed with history, you could get me excited about a niche group of warriors in a lost society on the island of Malta, and I’d be ready to jump into it and make it pop.” That being said, he did add that in the immediate future, he'd love to see the culture of South America take center stage in the Assassin's Creed franchise. "From the Incas to the Spanish Conquistadors,"  Mercieca told the site that he would love to see this location explored more thoroughly and that the Assassin's Creed games are the perfect way to do just that.  While the Assassin's Creed franchise has always been fiction, its entirety has been rooted heavily in history. Becoming a Viking in Assassin's Creed Valhalla, taking on gods in Odyssey, exploring ancient Egypt in Origins, taking the streets of Jerusalem - the sky is limitless regarding where the Ubisoft staple can go next.  Many players have been asking for a Feudal Japan pivot for this particular ongoing adventure. The two warring interests over the years have been a Viking game or a Feudal Japan take. Since we now have the former, perhaps it's time for the latter to become a reality as well. That being said, I would love to see a Brazil take in this game. There is so much incredible history that comes from South America that gets overlooked. The ability to be a part of it in true Assassin's Creed style would be beyond incredible. What about you, dear reader? Would you be interested in seeing an Assassin's Creed game set in Brazil? What other locations do you have your eye on? Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below!