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WordPress Admin Dark Dashboard

Why do good things change for the worse?

One example is Adobe Flash.
Flash is officially over for most major browsers (Jan. 12, 2021) and HTML5 with other technologies are the thing now.
I strongly believe Flash was ended because it wasn’t very mobile friendly.
Just take a look at it. Flash on mobile wasn’t secure and performance friendly.
It wasn’t an open platform, not very responsive to smaller screen sizes, touch screen limited, battery life killer and developmental tools difficult.
Not to mention it often crashed on MACs.

So instead of improving upon it, they stopped support for the Windows desktop community and conformed to the phone zombies.
Well, whatever. I still use flash with a separate but very secure other older browser dedicated for Flash content.
Why would I want to still use Flash? There are tons of flash based games and content I still enjoy.
Why should I stand for all that content be rendered completely useless after all the work put into it? Do they expect someone to spend 5 years re-writing all the stuff in HTML5?

That is just one of many examples.

Today, I received questionable update to a cool WordPress admin plugin.
Dark Mode for the WP admin dashboard.

Not only has the update ruined the admin dashboard but ruined the plugin itself.

The plugin use to be simply Dark Mode (and Free) but after it was sold to someone else, it became: WP Markdown Editor (Formerly Dark Mode)  with a paid Pro version available.

They also have a version that is Dark Mode only (also has a paid Pro version option) but it has the same flaws.

The flaws? It makes everything lag and move much slower.
Everything takes longer to load and even the normal WP color schema re-loads on every different page load.

Please spare me the stuttering and frequent 1 to 2 seconds page freezes.

Fortunately, I had a older original version of the plugin (free version before it was sold).

Dark Mode 3.2.1 works great with no lag.

The dark colors match well with the WordPress user color schema.
Loading lag and user color schema disappearing is gone.
The matching colors with the wp schema no longer flickers off and on.
Everything looks good and moves smooth as butter.

There really is no reason why the new ruined version of this cool plugin could not retained these important features so if you are experiencing the same, feel free to download.

Dark Mode version 3.2.1 will read as version 6.2.1 in WordPress.

This is to prevent it from updating to the latest ruined version.

The Awful Progress of the Gaming World

Where to begin…

If the horrible limited availability of the PS5/XSX launch wasn’t enough, add in some more stimulating things.

The technical issues: Reports of consoles disk drives not working, external hard drives problems and worst of all, they brick.
If it wasn’t bad enough to be lucky to receive your PS5 or XSX only to have it brick, that must suck so bad.
 Scalpers:  Try. Just try to stay up for hours, camping a website, waiting for some restock to hit and only having it all empty out in a few seconds.
Now take a gander at these scalpers advertise their lot of dozens of PS5 and XSX which translates to a giant F U, then sell these consoles for $1500 usd on average.
Do you think Sony, Microsoft, Amazon, Best Buy, etc etc bla bla retailers give a shit?
As long as they get their money, they can care less.

Shipper Thieves:  Yes, reports of shippers from Fed Ex to the more common Amazon unmarked car shipper have been stealing PS5s and XSXes.
Is there anything more of a scumbag piece of shit who will go into your package and switch out the console with something else?
I couldn’t fathom such a horrible feeling of opening your order only to find a box of tuna.

With the pandemic, lock downs and stupid laws now in place to further ruin the holiday season what else can hamper your comfort while one hibernates at home.

I seriously believe too many people have lost their humanity and dignity.

There is some light to some of this.

Apparently some gamers have taken great offense to the scalpers giving everyone the middle finger to the point where now scalpers are being robbed.

I do not condone robbing anyone at all but i can’t help not feeling bad for them.

They really should of gone about this in another way because it is just a big mess.

This holiday season is ruined, thanks to all the assholes involved.

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