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Dayz Standalone Offline Mode (Steam)

Many Dayz offline mode (self hosted mod) players like myself have encountered a temporary issue with the current latest release of Dayz (Stable Update 1.01.150627 February 212019) where the Dayz client will load up and crash.

Having tried everything to fix the crashing issue without success and waiting for over a month for a proper fix,  i decided to attempt to downgrade to a previous stable version that works.

If you are experiencing the same crashing issues and are interested in downgrading, then carefully follow this guide: How to downgrade DayZ Standalone (steam).

I chose Dayz Stable v,1.0.150192  – January 17, 2019 which was was working perfectly.

Now you will need the offline self hosted mod originally from here:
But don’t download their latest mod patch (v2.3) just yet because it scripted for the latest DayZ Stable client which may not work with the downgrade.
Here is the mod patch that was scripted for DayZ Stable v.1.0.150192 – January 17, 2019.

You may need to update your DayZ profile too.
Backup your DayZ profile files usually located at: X:\Users\MyName\Documents\DayZ

Then delete that DayZ folder so when you start up DayZ, it can write a new configuration profile because if you leave the latest profile there, DayZ might not respond to your keyboard, mouse or gamepad because a newer profile version may not be compatible with an older game build configuration, so that is why you would need to create a new profile build for the downgraded DayZ version while retaining your gamepad setup (if you use a gamepad).

After you start DayZ then tab out, force close the Dayz client and copy your profile file from your backup (yourprofile..dayz_preset_User.xml) to the new created folder.

Also, it may be wise to keep Steam from updating DayZ so start steam in offline mode and configure DayZ through steam not to update unless you choose.

Nights Into Dreams Mod for Sonic Generations

Tools needed:

SonicGMI (Sonic Generations Mod Installer) Latest builld 1.1 RC5

NIGHTS Generations mod (You can install both but only activate one!):
Nights Fly <—  recommended!
Nights Runs

1) Installing
Unzip SonicGMI and copy the contents of the folder into the folder where SonicGenerations.exe is stored. For example: C:\Program Files(x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\sonic generations\

You should now have 4 new files and a “mods” folder in your sonic generation game folder.

Now unzip the Nights mod you chose.
We will use the Nights Fly mod for example.
Inside unzipped Nights(with fly) is folder “NIGHTS”.
Copy that folder to the inside “mods” folder in your sonic generations game folder.
Would look like this example:
C:\Program Files(x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\sonic generations\mods\NIGHTS

Now start SonicGMI.

First enable mods by clicking the install/uninstall button and it should say mods enabled.

Next click the checkbox of the mod you want in the mods window and hit the save button.

Close with the close button and start the game.


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