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The Awful Progress of the Gaming World

Where to begin…

If the horrible limited availability of the PS5/XSX launch wasn’t enough, add in some more stimulating things.

The technical issues: Reports of consoles disk drives not working, external hard drives problems and worst of all, they brick.
If it wasn’t bad enough to be lucky to receive your PS5 or XSX only to have it brick, that must suck so bad.
 Scalpers:  Try. Just try to stay up for hours, camping a website, waiting for some restock to hit and only having it all empty out in a few seconds.
Now take a gander at these scalpers advertise their lot of dozens of PS5 and XSX which translates to a giant F U, then sell these consoles for $1500 usd on average.
Do you think Sony, Microsoft, Amazon, Best Buy, etc etc bla bla retailers give a shit?
As long as they get their money, they can care less.

Shipper Thieves:  Yes, reports of shippers from Fed Ex to the more common Amazon unmarked car shipper have been stealing PS5s and XSXes.
Is there anything more of a scumbag piece of shit who will go into your package and switch out the console with something else?
I couldn’t fathom such a horrible feeling of opening your order only to find a box of tuna.

With the pandemic, lock downs and stupid laws now in place to further ruin the holiday season what else can hamper your comfort while one hibernates at home.

I seriously believe too many people have lost their humanity and dignity.

There is some light to some of this.

Apparently some gamers have taken great offense to the scalpers giving everyone the middle finger to the point where now scalpers are being robbed.

I do not condone robbing anyone at all but i can’t help not feeling bad for them.

They really should of gone about this in another way because it is just a big mess.

This holiday season is ruined, thanks to all the assholes involved.

Final Fantasy XIV – Xbox Series X

So it seems Final Fantasy XIV is finally making it’s way to the Xbox One/Xbox Series X console but there is a problem I would like to share and it may be an uncommon perspective.

First a little personal history:
It started with FFXI on PS2 May of 2002. A never before experienced masterpiece of online RPG MMO with a super great community.

The unbelievable amount of content and hours of game play with teamwork and friends was an incredible adventure and experience.
Unfortunately, all my online friends had to move on to other things.
I mean how long could one stay playing FFXI after 10 years where most of your friends had to move on with their lives and time for playing FFXI became very limited.
Worst yet, try playing for about 16 years of online play where all your friends are gone.

Sometime near the end of 2019 I decided to end my FFXI subscription and of course I could of made new friends but the same experience just wasn’t there anymore.
Most of the cities were empty for years and the new content was always the thing to do.

Around 2010 is when I started playing FFXIV which had a atrocious start but after a few years later I went back and played for about a year.

I returned to FFXIV around December 2019 and played until May 2020 and had experienced a total new game. A wonderful game with lots of players and so much content.

I started playing just before the covid lock downs happened and I had a blast leveling most of the jobs around the Gridania Black Shroud forest, then expanding out to other areas.

The experience was wonderful and the community was very populated with new players.

With the the Xbox Series X due out soon, I decided to see if there were any news for FFXIV to come out for the Xbox and it looks like it will finally happen.

My concern is how will it work.
Besides how long will it take to arrive, how will it work on the Xbox with cross play?

Would it be better where Xbox players can play with PS4 and PC users or should it be on separate Xbox servers?

You see the problem is if it will be on Xbox only servers, then only new players will be Xbox users who either have not played FFXIV before or are willing to start over.

If it will be cross play, then the most new players will be Xbox users and they may find an empty starter cities in low and middle level areas.

Why would anyone want to switch from PS4 or PC to an Xbox with their already leveled and story progressed accounts?

It just seems too late to bring this out for Xbox whatever and it was supposed to already have been out mid 2020 but it looks like it will be out end of 2021.

My deal is that I would be willing to re-level and redo the story line from scratch because I had such a great time from the beginning.
I would create a new account and do it over on Xbox and here is why:

You see when I logged in today on my PC the starter cities and even most of the mid level areas were all empty.
I even forgot how most of my job moves and abilities work, which is cool with me because I get to re-learn them or better yet I could start over and re-level a new character.

Most of my jobs are high leveled and the high level areas are cool but now it just feels like a fashion show where everyone just stands around idle showing off their high end gear just waiting for new content to beat in just a few hours.

There is no more of that great full adventure with a community feeling.

Now it just feels like a race to the top.

I miss that starting adventure experience while advancing through quests and missions with the new community feeling.

But that is just me.

Xbox Series X & PS5

Xbox Series X releases November 10 for $499.
I won’t repeat all the XSX details and specs but rather just give my opinion.

To start off, all XSX pre-orders are sold out except the scalpers on
Whatever you do, don’t fall for the $600 to $1500 ebay pre-order scalpers. Paying more than the MSRP ($499) is insane.

Just wait and be patient, the pre-orders will open up again when more  stock is ready.
I know the urge and with the covid thing going on but do not fall for it no matter how much money you have to burn.

A little personal history:
I have been a Sony Playstation fan since PS1 and never looked toward any Microsoft consoles.
Not until the Xbox One X came out and i got hooked.
Soon thereafter i invested in a modded 360 which is one awesome system.

The thing i don’t understand these days is why a new system now.
I guess some feel a PS4 Pro/Xbox One X isn’t powerful or fast enough.
What do some console gamers want? A system with super power and zero load times on a 8 or 16k monitor maybe? Sounds great but i feel like i just bought a PS4 and X1X yesterday.

With that aside, i like the XSX design. Looks like a PC tower to neatly stand on a desk or next to your TV. I also love the fact that XSX games are compatible with the last 3 generations of Xbox.

All the previously released Playstations have been marvelous especially the PS2.
My only issue with PS5 is the design.  It’s not bad but looks more toy than serious gaming system.

The XSX is a more compact looking system, like some main frame central computer but the PS5 has these plastic wings at its end.
Imagine bending one of them corners off, cosmetically ruining it.

How about how it looks on your desk or next to the TV.
Personally, it just looks more toy like and i would feel a little weird playing on my 4kTV, then having to explain to others what it is.
The Playstation name is known world wide so when you mention it, it can remind someone older when they have a PS1.

With an XB1 or XSX i can say it is an entertainment box for movies, music, apps, games and more but that is just me.

I’m sure both systems will be great but i still am enjoying my PS4 and X1X and hope this covid thing is over soon, so we can get back to our normal lives.

Happy gaming.

DayZ Livonia Xbox One X (First Impression)

Upon spawning into Livonia for the first time, i am greeted with obscure and gloomy setting.

So what do i think of the Livonia DLC?

Bugs Bugs and more Bugs.
The game looks gorgeous in 4k with my Sony 75′ TV but that is about it.
Everything sooner or later becomes cruel in functioning in game.

Items disappear into your inventory.
Can’t pick up items (even when dropped).
Can’t load ammo into clips (cannot load clips either).
Can not eat foods or open cans.
Will not stay couched while aiming with some weapons.
Sometimes your item/equipment menu will not show up.
Items and things stay locked in place.
So many bugs but worst of all is when you unload an entire clip into a Zed with no effect while it is tearing you apart.
Yes, Zeds with GOD mode on.

If you don’t mind playing a cruel game with so many bugs then go for it, else i would wait, but knowing how unforgiving Bohemia Interactive is, you just might wait for a very long time.

Dec.6 2019 UPDATE:

Alright now. Livonia is way too brutally cruel.
Not saying i can’t survive, in fact i haven’t died yet but i have found myself dedicating way too much time just to be able to survive.
DayZ Livonia is entertaining and gives you a survival rush but things quickly turn into a burden and gets very repetitive, unforgiving and barely worth the time.

For example:
There are more Zeds now. I counted about 15 at one time in Charnarus but in Livonia there can get up 27 dead Zeds in the same area to the point where your Xbox One X crashes with so many on screen.

Just trying reach and use a water pump you must either patiently sneak and wait for an opportunity or clear out the surrounding area of Zeds in case you are spotted like one normally does.
Yes, it is wise to use an ax or some blunt weapon that isn’t loud which draw attention but sadly soon during or after the melee, another Zed spots you, then another and another no matter how many you kill.
So try filling up a jerry can with water which takes a while and these things keep popping up around you, often fighting 3 or 4 at a time.
So best thing for me to do is just use my firearm and clear out the area which drains your rare ammo.
That is another thing. Items and ammo are rare unless you search long hours for it.
Just trying to find a leather repair kit or spark plug through several towns can be very time consuming unless you are lucky.
Also, Danger is everywhere.
Zeds are all over the map, even in rural areas with a fast re-spawn rate and can amass to such a number of them that it would make the server or client system crash.
Then there are wolves (haven’t seen a bear yet) that howl when nearby which usually indicates they sense you. Just try running from them or use a vehicle to get away. They will follow you through half the map. Don’t believe it? When they spot you, drive very far away and wait there between 10 to 20 mins. The same wolves will find you. Just using your weapon scope or some binoculars you can seem them coming down the same road you just came from.
Worst yet, I found out the hard way that Wolves and Zeds ignore each other and focus on you instead.
Finally i locate the only gas station on the Livonia map (1 known so far using online map) and upon reaching it, i find you cannot draw any gas from the pumps. Is this a bug?
Add in the common thunder storms which bring the terrible cold and wet degrading health issue and you have yourself a nightmare of a game.

To wrap this up: Not a bad game if you like the challenge but so time consuming and i can’t afford so many hours with very little incentives.
I’ll stick with the Charnarus map for now.

Samurai Shodown (2019)

It has happened! It just was a few days ago that i have bought again the Samurai Shodown 2D classics (1,2,3,4 and 5) for my Xbox One X. The future is here with yet another SNK masterpiece running under Unreal Engine 4.

OK enough words. just a few more.

Release will be this summer 2019 for Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Online

Red Dead Redemption 2 Online

Well, it’s here and strange as heck!

The online multiplayer Red Dead 2 seems to have a weird start. 
I mean RDR2 single player feels very different to RDR2 online and totally different from RDR1 multiplayer which of course is one of the best multiplayer setups in a game to date.

The instances for online missions is ok i guess but i really don’t like being forced to join up with others to play a mission especially a mission one never has done before.
Worst yet, having to join up with some fellow gunslingers to progress through a mission for online unlocks, without the availability of solo play progression.

Where are the gang hideout gunfight plays like in the first RDR multiplayer?
I read online that they are there but none have triggered for me so far. Maybe i must progress further in the online missions. Not sure yet.

No private or passive free roam.
One may be unfortunate enough to stumble upon an online session filled with little kids yelling like retards going in an instant kill fest especially for new spawned players.
This of course ruins the whole gaming experience online.

Affordability has gone crazy.
Everything from single player to online costs 3 to 4 times as much and making money online. Not to mention one makes very little loot from various activities and it is tedious work. Many hour one will have to put in just to afford a new saddle.
This may be no mistake as it makes way for Rockstar’s micro-transactions like the GTA5 shark cards. Nice way to piss off many gamers again.

Is it too early to complain? Sure, it could be but like always i doubt any major overhaul of righteous updating will happen anytime.

Also, have fun spending 900 hours to reach level 50, which would be a pleasure if the online experience currently didn’t suck bad.

At least we have Read Dead Redemption 1 multiplayer (in HD 1080p or 4K) thanks to Xbox One X enhanced.

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