So it seems Final Fantasy XIV is finally making it’s way to the Xbox One/Xbox Series X console but there is a problem I would like to share and it may be an uncommon perspective.

First a little personal history:
It started with FFXI on PS2 May of 2002. A never before experienced masterpiece of online RPG MMO with a super great community.

The unbelievable amount of content and hours of game play with teamwork and friends was an incredible adventure and experience.
Unfortunately, all my online friends had to move on to other things.
I mean how long could one stay playing FFXI after 10 years where most of your friends had to move on with their lives and time for playing FFXI became very limited.
Worst yet, try playing for about 16 years of online play where all your friends are gone.

Sometime near the end of 2019 I decided to end my FFXI subscription and of course I could of made new friends but the same experience just wasn’t there anymore.
Most of the cities were empty for years and the new content was always the thing to do.

Around 2010 is when I started playing FFXIV which had a atrocious start but after a few years later I went back and played for about a year.

I returned to FFXIV around December 2019 and played until May 2020 and had experienced a total new game. A wonderful game with lots of players and so much content.

I started playing just before the covid lock downs happened and I had a blast leveling most of the jobs around the Gridania Black Shroud forest, then expanding out to other areas.

The experience was wonderful and the community was very populated with new players.

With the the Xbox Series X due out soon, I decided to see if there were any news for FFXIV to come out for the Xbox and it looks like it will finally happen.

My concern is how will it work.
Besides how long will it take to arrive, how will it work on the Xbox with cross play?

Would it be better where Xbox players can play with PS4 and PC users or should it be on separate Xbox servers?

You see the problem is if it will be on Xbox only servers, then only new players will be Xbox users who either have not played FFXIV before or are willing to start over.

If it will be cross play, then the most new players will be Xbox users and they may find an empty starter cities in low and middle level areas.

Why would anyone want to switch from PS4 or PC to an Xbox with their already leveled and story progressed accounts?

It just seems too late to bring this out for Xbox whatever and it was supposed to already have been out mid 2020 but it looks like it will be out end of 2021.

My deal is that I would be willing to re-level and redo the story line from scratch because I had such a great time from the beginning.
I would create a new account and do it over on Xbox and here is why:

You see when I logged in today on my PC the starter cities and even most of the mid level areas were all empty.
I even forgot how most of my job moves and abilities work, which is cool with me because I get to re-learn them or better yet I could start over and re-level a new character.

Most of my jobs are high leveled and the high level areas are cool but now it just feels like a fashion show where everyone just stands around idle showing off their high end gear just waiting for new content to beat in just a few hours.

There is no more of that great full adventure with a community feeling.

Now it just feels like a race to the top.

I miss that starting adventure experience while advancing through quests and missions with the new community feeling.

But that is just me.