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Joker (2019)

I know this is a late entry but i feel i must throw this one up as it truly a masterpiece.

I was never really into superhero and villain flicks since the first Superman movie (1978)  but i kind of by chance ended up watching this film.

The thing that stood out most of all is how i relate to Arthur Fleck’s life of severe misfortunes excellently played by Joaquin Phoenix.
The content disposition of Fleck is always challenged by the dark nature of society that commonly befalls on this poor soul who suffers a disorder as a result from years of deception, mental and physical abuse during his childhood.

On top of that, the failure of care all around has Fleck overdose on self pity to the point he realizes his life is nothing but a cruel joke. A comedy.

Imagine a beautiful soul that knows kindness, happiness  and love.
Loving to spread joy, laughter and putting a smile on faces constantly bombarded with plagues, suffering, pain and worst of all ridicule.

Ultimately Fleck realizes what i have learned a long time ago.

Comedy is subjective (and so is love).
Thus, the Joker (including God and I) has a strange sense of humor.

Joker at #1 Spot at Box Office, Crosses $800 Million Worldwide and due out on Blu Ray Dec. 17, 2019.

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