This cool film was uploaded to my youtube channel about a decade ago and is no longer available because youtube suspended my channel, claiming we threatened, harassed or bullied someone which is absolutely false.
We are strongly against any of that type of behavior online.
Anyways lets move forward in peace.

About this film:
In the 90’s on the Brooklyn streets, the ambition of 2 guys (Jimmy and Jon) is to live hanging out and survive by small scale crimes.
This is the law of gravity where sooner or later everything goes down.
Side note: My memory of hanging out in brooklyn in the early 90s ill never forget and this documentary/film being so realistic amazes me.
The acting is seems so natural with the tensions and realism to the point where you can feels yourself there again.
The whole docu/film took 12 days to shoot and production costs just under 40k.
Copy Note: Not available on any disks but maybe you could find a copy on VHS if your lucky.